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Time to get up, man.
- All right, Dad. - Come on.
- 好的 老爸 - 快点
Should be here soon.
- I think I should make a list. - What do mean?
- 我想我该列个表 - 干嘛?
- For your birthday gifts? - Yeah.
- 想要的生日礼物? - 对呀
You know you're only getting a couple of things, right?
你知道只能要几个礼物 对吧?
Yeah, I know. Just to look at and study so I can choose better.
知道啊 我只想列出来看看 研究一下 好好选选
Okay, well, that's smart. Yeah, make a list.
哦 很聪明 那就列吧
Can you spell everything you're thinking of?
- I think so. - All right. That's good.
- 应该吧 - 哦 很好
- How you doing in here, man? - Okay.
- 小伙子 你还好吧? - 还好
Can we go to the park today, after?
我们今天能去公园吗... 在上完幼儿园后?
No, I gotta go to Oakland. Well, maybe, we'll see.
呃...我还得去奥克兰 或许...再说吧
Give me a kiss.
I'll talk to you later.
Excuse me.
Oh, excuse me...
when is somebody gonna clean this off?
And the Y? The Y. We talked about this.
我提过的 幸福的“幸”写错了
It's an I in "happiness." There's no Y in "happiness." It's an I.
I'm Chris Gardner.
I met my father for the first time when I was 28 years old.
我第一次见到我父亲时 已经28岁了
And I made up my mind as a young kid that when I had children...
我儿时就决定 将来我有了孩子
my children were gonna know who their father was.
This is part of my life story.
This part is called "Riding the Bus."
What's that?
It's a time machine, isn't it?
是架时光机 对吧?
Seems like a time machine.
That seems like a time machine. It's a time machine. Take me with you.
像是时光机 是时光机 能带上我吗?
This machine...
this machine on my lap...
This guy, he has a time machine.
这伙计 他有架时光机
He travels in the past with this machine and...
- it is not a time machine.
It' a portable bone- density scanner.
而是 手提式骨质密度扫描仪
A medical device I sell for a living.
是医疗器材 我就靠卖这个过活
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss it with you.
谢谢您给我这个机会 向您推介这仪器
- I appreciate it. - We just don't need it, Chris.
- 我不胜感激 - 我们真的不需要 克里斯
It's unnecessary and expensive.
- Well, maybe next... - Thank you.
- 哦 或许下次... - 谢谢
It gave a slightly denser picture than an x- ray for twice the money.
它比X光机显像更精确一点点 但却贵了一倍
- Hey. - Hey, baby.
- 嘿 - 嘿 宝贝
- What happened? - No, nothing.
- 怎么啦? - 没...没事儿
Look, I can't get Christopher today.
Oh, no, you don't, Chris. I'm back on at 7.
你得去 我七点还要上班
I know. I have got to go to Oakland.
我知道 但我一定要去奥克兰
So I gotta get Christopher home, feed him, bathe him...
所以我得先接他回家 做饭 给他洗澡...
get him in bed, and be back here by 7?
哄他睡觉 然后七点前回到这儿?
- Yes. - And we got the tax- bill notice today.
- 对 - 今天收到了税单
- What are you gonna do about that? - Look, this is what we gotta do.
- 你说怎么办? - 听着 就这么办
You see that car? The one with the pretty yellow shoe on it?
看到那车了吗? 那辆穿着漂亮黄鞋子的车
That' mine.
There' no parking near hospitals.
That' what happens when you're always in a rush.
Thanks anyway. Very much.
- Maybe next quarter. - It's possible.
- 或许下个季度 - 可能哦
I needed to sell at least two scanners a month for rent and daycare.
我每个月至少得卖两台 才够付房租和幼儿园费
I'd have to sell one more...
to pay off all of those tickets under my windshield wiper.
The problem is...
I haven't sold any for a while.
Since when do you not like macaroni and cheese?
Since birth?
- What's that? - What?
- 这是什么? - 呃?
- What is this? - It's a gift for Christopher.
- 这是什么东西? - 克里斯托弗的礼物
- From who? - Cynthia from work.
- 谁给的? - 我同事欣西雅
It's for adults. Chris can't use it. She didn't know.
她不知道这是给大人玩的 克里斯托弗还小
What are you supposed to do with it?
Make every side the same color.
Did you pay the taxes?
No, I'm gonna have to file an extension.
没 我要申请延后缴
- You already filed an extension. - Yeah, well, I gotta file another one.
- 你已经申请过延期了 - 是 我还要再延期一次
That's... It's $650. I'll have it in the next month.
一共是640美元 我下个月就有了
Look, why don't you let me do this? All right, just relax. Okay?
让我处理就好 你就别操心了 好吗?
- Come here. Calm down. - I have to go back to work.
- 来 别烦了 - 我得回去工作了
Let's get ready for bed. Hey, put your plate in the sink.
准备上床了 嗨 把盘子放水池里去
A few days ago I was presented with a report I'd asked for...
几天前他们递交了一份 我要求的...
a comprehensive audit, if you will, of our economic condition.
You won't like it. I didn't like it.
你们不会喜欢的 我也不喜欢
But we have to face the truth...
and then go to work to turn things around.
And make no mistake about it, we can turn them around.
决不能犯错 我们一定能做到
The federal budget is out of control.
And we face runaway deficits of almost $80 billion...
for this budget year that ends September 30th.
That deficit is larger than the entire federal budget in 1957.
And so is the almost $80 billion...
we will pay in interest this year on the national debt.
Twenty years ago, in 1960...
20年前 1960年
our federal government payroll was less than $13 billion.
Today it is 75 billion.
During these 20 years, our population has only increased by 23.3 percent...
Man, I got two questions for you:
哇 老兄 请教你两个问题
What do you do? And how do you do it?
你是干什么? 你是怎么干的?
- I'm a stockbroker. - Stockbroker. Oh, goodness.
- 我是股票经纪人 - 股票经纪人 哦 天哪
Had to go to college to be a stockbroker, huh?
得上大学才能做股票经纪人 对吧?
You don't have to. Have to be good with numbers and good with people.
不用 只需要精通数字 会做人处世
- That's it. - Hey, you take care.
- 就这么简单 - 嘿 保重
I'll let you hang on to my car for the weekend.
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