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I think I'll watch a movie and...
我会看场电影 然后...
Come on, let's go to my place. We'll watch a movie.
走吧 去我那吧 我们看场电影
- It'll be great. - Come on.
-很好玩的 -走吧
...inside the school. And then guess who found him?
…在学校里 猜猜看是谁发现他的
- Who? - Amit sir.
‪-谁 -阿米特老师
That's epic! Good!
‪这太绝了 太搞了
Go over and tell her who you are.
‪过去告诉她你是谁 ‪
- Get her one coffee. - No, I don't have money for it.
‪-然后请她喝杯咖啡 -不要 我没钱买咖啡
- I'll pay for the coffee. - Hey, hey, listen.
‪-咖啡钱我出 -喂 喂 听着
She's looking at you. She's blushing.
‪她正看着你呢 她脸都红了
She's blushing. Dude, she wants you.
‪她脸红了 兄弟 她想认识你
- Go over and talk. - No, no, no.
‪-过去聊聊 -不要
- That's Ovi, though. - Isn't that hilarious?
‪-不过那就是欧卫 -这也太好笑了吧
No! No!
Where have you been?
With friends.
Hasn't your father told you to come straight home after school?
‪你父亲不是告诉过你 放学后直接回家吗
Insane night pub. I'm gonna come back.
这俱乐部太狂野了 ‪我等会儿回来
Hey! What's up? Did you talk to her yet?
‪嘿 怎么样 他跟她说过话了吗
Did you talk to her yet?
- No. - Did he talk to...
‪-没有 -他跟她说...
Come on, Ovi. You gotta go talk to her.
拜托 欧卫 你得去跟她说话
Oh, she's smiling.
I know what you need. Come on.
‪我知道你需要什么 来吧
Try it. Take one hit, man, it'll help you.
‪试试看 抽一口 老兄 能壮胆 超有用
- Having fun tonight? - Drop it.
‪-小子们 今晚玩得开心吧 -扔了
Are you guys from inside? Huh?
I think you dropped something, no?
‪你好像掉了什么东西 对吧
Did you buy this inside?
- No, it's not ours. - Chill. Relax.
‪-不 这不是我们的 -放松 别担心
It's all good.
You boys are lucky.
You got your whole lives ahead of you.
You all leave.
Leave. Move fast.
‪出去 快点
I told you, you dumb motherfucker,
我告诉过你 你这头蠢猪
to watch his every move...
...and yet Amir Asif has grabbed my son.
We can negotiate.
This isn't about ransom, Saju.
‪这不是为了赎金 萨尤
It's about humiliation.
Go to Dhaka.
And do what?
Steal him back.
I'd need an army, Ovi.
‪那我需要一支军队 欧卫
Then hire a fucking army!
What do you think?
You think I can't hurt you from here?
Ovi, please...
‪欧卫 别…
You want your son to see his next birthday?
get mine back.
Tell Mahajan to pay the ransom and get his son back.
‪让马哈詹付赎金 把他儿子赎回去
Why are they getting us involved in this?
There's not enough money.
The NCB have frozen Mahajan's assets.
I'm all he's got.
You understand?
There's a man who does this sort of thing.
His price will be out of Mahajan's reach.
But there's a way I can play this.
It will not be easy.
Do whatever you have to.
Christ! That is high.
天啦 很高啊
It's only 30 meters.
Fuckin' high.
It's fuckin' beautiful, though.
He okay?
He's fine.
You sure, bruh? 'Cause he looks fuckin' dead.
‪确定吗 兄弟 他看着像他妈死了一样
Quit swearin' all the time.
- So? - It makes you sound stupid.
‪-怎么了 -说脏话让你听起来很蠢
Find another fuckin' adjective.
Told you he's fine.
♪ Oh and the night will look back ♪
♪ 黑夜将要回过头来 ♪
♪ I'm gonna travel all day all night ♪
♪ 我要日夜不停地旅行 ♪
- Hold my beer, would you? - Oh, I gotcha.
‪-帮我拿下啤酒 好吗 -没问题
- I said hold it. Don't drink it. - I gotcha.
‪-我只让你拿 没让你喝 -没问题
Come here, girl.
‪过来 小乖乖
Make yourself at home.
There's a chicken in your bathroom.
Yeah, I like chickens, except when they shit everywhere.
‪是 我喜欢鸡 ‪除了它们到处拉屎的时候
We landed the whale.
Oh, yeah?
Extraction. Indian kid.
营救行动 一个印度小孩
Drug lord's son.
A rival gangster is holding this kid in Dhaka.
I think Gaspar lives in Dhaka.
Gaspar is out of the game.
Clock's running at 16 hours. Deadline, Friday, noon.
‪时间紧急 只剩16个小时了 ‪最后期限 周五中午
Proof of life as of six hours ago.
Yeah, I'll take it.
‪好 我接了
This gangster, Amir Asif, he holds a massive sway in Dhaka.
‪这个黑帮 阿米尔·阿西夫 ‪在达卡的影响力巨大
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