一个明星的诞生 A Star Is Born 中英双语字幕对照阅读

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* Quand il me prend dans ses bras
* Il me parle tout bas
* Je vois la vie en rose
* Il me dit des mots d'amour
* Des mots de tous les jours
* Et ?a me fait quelque chose
* Il est entré...dans mon coeur
* Une part de bonheur
* Dont je connais la cause
* C'est lui pour moi
* Moi pour lui dans la vie
* Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie
* Et dès que je l'aper?ois
* Alors je sens en moi
* Mon coeur qui bat
Would anybody like some French tips tonight?
* C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui dans la vie
* Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie...
我们互相为了对方 用生命起誓
* Alors je sens en moi
* La vie...
* ..en...rose
Yes, baby! Yes, baby!
漂亮 宝贝
Oh, fuck.
- Oh, papo, you crying? - A little bit.
- 老哥 你哭了吗 - 有一点
You have... You have to meet her.
你得 你得见见她
- What's that? - You have to meet her!
- 你说啥 - 你得见见她
- Oh, no, I can't meet her. - Yes! Come on.
- 哦不 我不能见她 - 能 来来来
Donte, you got a rag, honey? Thank you.
但丁 给我块布 谢谢
Miss Ally, now you sang in French, you gonna pick something else next week?
艾莉小姐 你今天唱法语歌 你下周唱啥
- I don't know. - Look at her, doing languages.
- 我也不知道 - 看看她 都唱外语了
- Do Moroccan. - No!
- 唱歌摩纳哥的 - 不要
- This is my friend, Jackson Maine. - Hey.
- 这是我的朋友 杰克逊·缅因 - 嗨
- This is Jackson Maine. - Hey. How are you?
- 这是杰克逊·缅因 - 嗨 你好吗
- Hey! Oh, my God! - Right? This is my friend, Ally.
- 嗨 我的天 - 是吧 这是我的朋友 艾莉
- Hi. - Hey.
- 嗨 - 你好
- I thought that might be you. - What'd you say?
- 我就觉得是你 - 你说啥
- I thought that might be you. - That's me.
- 我就觉得是你 - 就是我
Thank you! Do you wanna sit down?
谢谢 你要坐下吗
- No! You've been on your feet all night. - No! You're our guest.
- 不用 你一整晚都站着呢 - 不不 你是客人
- You sure you don't mind? - A little drink?
- 你确定没关系吧 - 喝一杯吗
- I'm here watching the show you guys. - Word.
- 我是来看你们演出的 - 真的
- Yeah, yeah. - Sign my boob?
- 嗯嗯 - 能在我胸上签名吗
- Sure. Yeah, I can do that. - Oh, my God!
- 嗯嗯 可以 - 我的天
- Give me a sharpie! - You know, it's BYOB around here.
- 给我一根笔 - 你知道么 这里是BYOB
- Yeah? - "Bring your own boobs."
- 啥 - 自己带胸
Oh, God! Oh, those aren't really her boobs?
天哪 那不是她的真胸
So, why are you in here, hon?
- Sorry? - What brings you here?
- 啥 - 你到这里做什么
I was playing right around here tonight. I'm a musician.
我在附近演出 我是个音乐家
- How'd your show go? - I think it went all right.
- 演得怎样 - 我觉得挺好
- OK, here we go. All right. - Thank you!
- 好的 来了 好 - 谢谢
- That's all right? - Oh, my.
- 这样吗 - 我的天
- Aahh. - Which one should I do?
- 啊 - 我签在哪个上
- Do 'em both! I don't care! - Slut!
- 都可以 我不在乎 - 荡妇
- Why don't I do it across? - Bitch, Jackson Maine!
- 要不我连着签吧 - 妞们 这是杰克逊·缅因
- I'll just... - Oh, my!
- 我就 - 我的天
Ohh, she will stop at nothing.
- You gotta blow on it! - I did it pretty big. Oh.
- 你得吹吹风 - 我签的好大 哦
- Oh, you got it. OK. - Thank you so much!
- 哦你来 好的 - 非常感谢
You all gotta go home but you know the phrase.
你们都得回家了 不过你们知道规矩
You gotta get the hell up outta here!
Cos I'm not losing my virginity or my liquor licence
over you bitches, so pack up!
丢在你们身上 赶紧走吧
- That's right! - That's enough cocktails!
- 说得好 - 酒喝得够多了
Clear it out! Hello, goodbye, Roger.
快出去 你好 再见
Have fun!
- Bring the drinks on out! - Do you do that often?
- 把酒带出去 - 你经常做这个吗
- Do what? - The show.
- 做啥 - 演出
Yeah, yeah. The girls are so nice to me here.
嗯嗯 这里的姑娘们对我很好
I mean, they would never normally let a girl sing at one of these shows
我是说 她们本来一般绝不会让一个女孩在这些演出唱歌
but they've always loved my voice.
They used to beg me to sing.
It's an honour, really. I get to be one of the gay girls.
我很荣幸 真的 我可以加入变装女孩
Is that your real eyebrow?
Um... No. No.
额 不是不是
I... I make it out of tape.
- Oh, so it's, like, stuck on? - Mm-hm.
- 所以是粘上去的了 - 嗯嗯
Can I try to take it off?
Uh... Yeah, sure.
嗯 好啊
It's incredible what they do.
- Look at that. - Yep. There it is.
- 看啊 - 嗯 在那了
- I should put her down somewhere. - OK.
- 我应该把她放在哪里 - 好的
There we go.
Why are you covering your eye?
Just cos I don't have my eyebrow on any more.
Oh, no, no. The whole point is I can see your face.
不不不 我就是想看看你的脸
Yeah, there we go.
Why did you come back here?
Your friend brought me back here. I'm glad he did.
你朋友带我过来的 我很庆幸他带我来了
Can I buy you a drink?
Oh... I... I gotta change, and I've got paint in my hair.
我得去换衣服 我的头发上还有涂色
- And my eyebrows are... - That's not your real hair?
- 还有我的眉毛 - 这是假发吗
No, my hair's like your colour.
不是 我的发色和你一样
- Oh, OK. - But I paint it with this...
- 好吧 - 但我用化妆品
- ..makeup. - I'd love to see what that looks like.
- 染成了这样 - 很想看看那会是什么样子
I'll wait for you.
Um... Yeah, OK. Sure.
好啊 当然可以
Yeah, if you wanna wait, I'll come have a drink with you.
你愿意等的话 我就和你喝一杯
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