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Get to it.
* Black eyes open wide
* It's time to testify
* There's no room for lies
* And everyone's waiting for you
* Then I'm gone, sitting by the phone
然后我走了 坐在电话旁边
* And I'm all alone by the waste side
* And I'm gone, sitting by the phone
然后我走了 坐在电话旁边
* And I'm all alone by the waste side
Jackson! No!
杰克逊 不
You're a wonderful man, yes, and you're a great lawyer.
你是个好人 是的 你也是个好律师
We're just not meant to be together.
No, I don't wanna marry you! Are you crazy?
我不想嫁给你 你有病吧
The hell's the matter with you?
Roger, we're done.
罗杰 咱俩完了
Oh, my God.
Fuck! God!
操 天哪
Fucking men!
- Did he cry? - Yeah, he cried. He laughed.
- 他哭了吗 - 他哭了 他也笑了
He yelled at me. You know, whatever.
他还冲我喊了 随便了
- You broke his heart, Mama. - I did the right thing.
- 你伤了他的心 老姐 - 我做了正确的事
- Ally, garbage! - It just wasn't right... Oh, hey, Bryan.
- 艾莉 倒垃圾 - 只是不是合适的 哦嗨布莱恩
- Can somebody else do it? - Let her shine!
- 能让别人倒吗 - 让她发光吧
It's your fucking turn!
- Oh, my God! - Who's he talking to?
- 我的天哪 - 他这是和谁讲话呢
OK, I'll see you upstairs.
好吧 我在楼上见你
Come on, Bryan! She's performing tonight!
得了吧 布莱恩 她今晚要演出呢
Here we go. Taking out the trash. Wipe your mouth.
来了 倒垃圾 给你擦擦嘴
You can go early if you finish your job.
Well, you gotta keep your mouth clean. OK?
你嘴巴也得放干净点 好吧
* When all the world is a hopeless jumble
* And the raindrops tumble all around
* Heaven opens a magic lane
* When all the clouds darken up the skyway
* There's a rainbow highway to be found
Ohh. Where the fuck are we?
We are uh...east of the city.
我们 在城东
- Is there any more? - No.
- 还有酒吗 - 没了
No, sorry, Jack.
抱歉 杰克
And it's... It's about an hour, 40, with traffic till we get there.
还有一个小时四十分钟才能到 还不考虑堵车
- Really? - Yeah.
- 真的吗 - 嗯
Think we can find something around here?
No, I'll find something. I'll find something.
我会找找的 我会找找的
How's your kid? How old is he now?
你孩子怎么样 他多大了
- He is 17. - Fuck me.
- 他17了 - 我操
And he got a scholarship to play baseball in college already, man.
- Wow, that's great. - I'm proud of him.
- 不赖嘛 - 我很骄傲
My little guy is not so little any more.
I don't wanna go home.
Wish I could find you a spot.
- Sorry, Jack, I don't know this area. - Would you make a right here?
- 抱歉 杰克 这附近我不熟 - 你在这里右转
- You sure? - Yeah.
- 你确定吗 - 嗯
All right.
Here we go. That looks like a fucking bar.
到了 这像是个酒吧
- Here? - What's that say? "Bleu Bleu."
- 这里 - 上面写的啥 “蓝蓝”
Here, let me just try this.
来 我试试
Oh, shit.
Wait, wait.
- My man, my man, I... Aren't you like... - This is a bar, right?
- 老兄 老兄 你不是 - 这是个酒吧 是吧
- Yeah, but not your kind of place. - They got alcohol?
- 是的 但这不是你喜欢的地方 - 里面卖酒吗
- Well, yeah, but... - Oh, it's my kind of place.
- 额卖 但是 - 那我就喜欢
Oh, shit! This is crazy!
我去 这太疯狂了
How are you doin', papo?
你怎么样 老哥
How am I doin'? I'm doing all right, if I can get a drink.
我怎么样 我挺好的 如果能有酒喝的话
- You good? - Yeah.
- 挺好的 - 嗯
- Oh, yeah. There's the bar. - This is my home girl Giselle.
- 哦酒吧在这里 - 这是我家姑娘吉赛尔
- How you doin'? - Oh, yeah. That's Jack.
- 你好 - 这是杰克
- * Oh, yeah, yeah, at last... - Excuse me, papo!
- * 哦耶 终于 - 让一下 老哥
Can we get this man anything he wants, please?
Can I get a gin on the rocks...
- * The skies above are blue... - Whoo-hoo!
- *天那么蓝 - 哇
Papo, wow.
老哥 哇
Oh, my gosh. I'm freaking out right now.
我的天 我要抓狂了
- Hey, is this a drag bar? - Yeah, papo. Yeah, yeah.
- 这是个变装酒吧吗 - 是的老哥 是的
But, look, we do this every Friday night. Yo, it's crazy. It's so lit, though.
但是 我们每周五晚上都有这个活动 很疯狂 但也很棒
I thought maybe I was in some sort of hallucinogenic state.
- Or something. - No, no. All are welcome.
- 还是咋的 - 不不 都欢迎
A dress or something.
Gonna have something? Let me get you a drink.
你喝点啥吗 我给你买杯酒
OK. Yeah, um, wow.
好 哇
You better kill 'em tonight. All you ladies, kill it tonight, OK?
你们可得好好演 姑娘们 都给我好好演 明白吗
- I'm ready. - I always do!
- 我准备好了 - 我一直是
Make sure you've turned in your music already.
Don't make me have to come get you tonight.
This is a professional show.
Oh, yes! Oh, you stayed!
哦棒 你还在呢
- That's good. I like it. - Everything good? You good?
- 挺好的 我喜欢 - 都挺好吧 你还好吧
Yeah, I was just talking to Nicki. You know Nicki?
嗯 我正在和尼基聊天 你认识尼基吗
- Hello, Nicki. How you doin', baby? - She's telling me her life story.
- 嗨尼基 你好 - 她在和我讲她的故事
- Fascinating. - My home girl's about to perform.
- 非常迷人 - 我家姑娘要演出了
Y'all know her well because she used to work here as a server.
你们都认识她 因为她以前在这里当服务员
But, tonight, the only thing she's serving are some fabulous, French live vocals.
但今晚 她上的菜只有精彩的法语现场歌唱
Is she really singing, or is it one of those karaoke things?
她是真的唱吗 还是那种卡拉OK
No, she's really singing, papo. I promise you. Watch this. Watch.
不她真的唱 我保证 你看着
* Des yeux qui font baisser les miens
* Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche
* Voilà le portrait sans retouches
* De l'homme auquel j'appartiens...
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