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of what technology is doing.
When I was at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab,
this is what we learned.
How could you use everything we know
about the psychology of what persuades people
and build that into technology?
Now, many of you in the audience are geniuses already.
‎在座观众中的很多人 已经是天才了
I think that's true, but my goal is to turn you into a behavior-change genius.
‎我认为这是事实 但我的目标是 ‎让你们变成行为改变的天才
There are many prominent Silicon Valley figures who went through that class
‎很多著名的硅谷人物 ‎都上过这个课
key growth figures at Facebook and Uber and... and other companies
‎脸书、优步和其他公司的 ‎业绩增长关键人物
and learned how to make technology more persuasive,
Tristan being one.
Persuasive technology is just sort of design
‎劝服性技术 可以说是极端应用的
intentionally applied to the extreme,
where we really want to modify someone's behavior.
We want them to take this action.
We want them to keep doing this with their finger.
You pull down and you refresh, it's gonna be a new thing at the top.
‎你往下拉 刷新 最上面就是新的内容
Pull down and refresh again, it's new. Every single time.
‎再下拉 再刷新 又是新的 ‎每一次都是
Which, in psychology, we call a positive intermittent reinforcement.
‎在心理学上 我们称为“正积极强化”
You don't know when you're gonna get it or if you're gonna get something,
‎你不知道什么时候能刷到 ‎或者你是否能刷到什么
which operates just like the slot machines in Vegas.
It's not enough that you use the product consciously,
‎你有意识地使用产品 还远远不够
I wanna dig down deeper into the brain stem
and implant, inside of you, an unconscious habit
so that you are being prograed at a deeper level.
You don't even realize it.
A man, James Marshall...
Every time you see it there on the counter,
and you just look at it, and you know if you reach over,
‎你看一眼 你知道如果你过去
it just might have something for you,
so you play that slot machine to see what you got, right?
‎于是你就玩了一下老虎机 ‎看你能得到什么 对吧?
That's not by accident. That's a design technique.
‎这不是偶然 这是设计好的手段
He brings a golden nugget to an officer in the army in San Francisco.
‎他把一个金块 ‎给了旧金山军队的一个军官
Mind you, the... the population of San Francisco was only...
‎别忘了 旧金山的人口数量 ‎当时只有…
Another example is photo tagging.
So, if you get an e-mail
that says your friend just tagged you in a photo,
of course you're going to click on that e-mail and look at the photo.
‎你当然会点击那封邮件 看一下照片
It's not something you can just decide to ignore.
This is deep-seated, like,
human personality that they're tapping into.
What you should be asking yourself is:
"Why doesn't that e-mail contain the photo in it?
‎“这封邮件中 ‎为什么没把照片放进来?
It would be a lot easier to see the photo."
‎这样 看照片就会容易很多 ”
When Facebook found that feature, they just dialed the hell out of that
‎当脸书发现这个功能之后 ‎他们可真是尽情调控
because they said, "This is gonna be a great way to grow activity.
‎因为他们说 ‎“这将是增长积极性的绝好方式
Let's just get people tagging each other in photos all day long."
He coented.
Okay, Rebecca received it, and she is responding.
‎瑞贝卡收到了 她正在回复
All right, let Ben know that she's typing so we don't lose him.
‎好 让本知道她在输入 别让他下线了
Activating ellipsis.
Great, she posted.
‎太好了 她发布了
He's coenting on her coent about his coent on her post.
‎他在评论 他给她发帖的评论的评论
Hold on, he stopped typing.
‎等一下 他停止输入了
Let's autofill.
Emojis. He loves emojis.
‎表情 他喜欢使用表情
He went with fire.
I was rootin' for eggplant.
There's an entire discipline and field called "growth hacking."
‎有一整个学科 ‎这个领域叫做“增长量黑客学”
Teams of engineers whose job is to hack people's psychology
‎无数工程师团队 ‎他们的工作就是黑入人们的心理
so they can get more growth.
They can get more user sign-ups, more engagement.
‎他们能得到更多的用户注册 ‎更高的参与度
They can get you to invite more people.
After all the testing, all the iterating, all of this stuff,
‎各种测试、迭代 种种操作之后
you know the single biggest thing we realized?
Get any individual to seven friends in ten days.
That was it.
Chamath was the head of growth at Facebook early on,
and he's very well known in the tech industry
for pioneering a lot of the growth tactics
that were used to grow Facebook at incredible speed.
‎这些手段的使用 ‎让脸书用户飞速增长
And those growth tactics have then become the standard playbook for Silicon Valley.
‎后来那些增长手段 ‎变成了硅谷的标准战术
They were used at Uber and at a bunch of other companies.
‎在优步使用了 ‎在很多其他公司也使用了
One of the things that he pioneered was the use of scientific A/B testing
‎他首创的一个东西 ‎就是对功能上的小变化
of small feature changes.
Companies like Google and Facebook
would roll out lots of little, tiny experiments
that they were constantly doing on users.
And over time, by running these constant experiments,
‎随着时间发展 ‎不停运行这些实验之后
you... you develop the most optimal way
‎就能发展出能让用户 ‎做你想让他们做的事
to get users to do what you want them to do.
It's... It's manipulation.
you're making me feel like a lab rat.
You are a lab rat. We're all lab rats.
‎你就是实验室的小白鼠 ‎我们所有人都是
And it's not like we're lab rats for developing a cure for cancer.
‎我们和开发治愈癌症药物的 ‎实验室小白鼠又不一样
It's not like they're trying to benefit us.
‎这些实验的最终获益人 不是我们
Right? We're just zombies, and they want us to look at more ads
‎对吧?我们就像僵尸一样 ‎他们想让我们看更多的广告
so they can make more money.
Facebook conducted
what they called "massive-scale contagion experiments."
How do we use subliminal cues on the Facebook pages
to get more people to go vote in the midterm elections?
And they discovered that they were able to do that.
‎他们发现 他们能做到
One thing they concluded is that we now know
‎他们得出的一个结论是 ‎现在我们知道
we can affect real-world behavior and emotions
without ever triggering the user's awareness.
They are completely clueless.
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