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-No, she only uses it for recipes. -Right, and work.
她只用来找菜谱 ‎-对 还有工作
-And workout videos. -And to check up on us.
‎-还有健身视频 ‎-还看我们在做什么
And everyone else she's ever met in her entire life.
‎还看她这辈子遇到过的每一个人 ‎在做什么
If you are scrolling through your social media feed
‎如果你一边往下划着 ‎你的社交媒体推送
while you're watchin' us, you need to put the damn phone down and listen up
‎一边看着我们 ‎你需要把你该死的手机放下 听好
'cause our next guest has written an incredible book
‎因为我们的下一位嘉宾 ‎写了一本优秀的书
about how much it's wrecking our lives.
‎书的内容是社交媒体 ‎多大程度上破坏了我们的生活
Please welcome author of
Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now...
《立刻删除 ‎你社交媒体的十个论点》作者
..Jaron Lanier.
Companies like Google and Facebook are some of the wealthiest
and most successful of all time.
they have relatively few employees.
They just have this giant computer that rakes in money, right? ..
‎他们只有一个大电脑 在那里摇钱
Now, what are they being paid for?
‎问题是 别人为什么给他们钱呢?
That's a really important question.
So, I've been an investor in technology for 35 years.
The first 50 years of Silicon Valley, the industry made products
‎硅谷的前50年 行业制造产品…
hardware, software
sold 'em to customers. Nice, simple business.
卖给顾客 ‎简单良好的商业模式
For the last ten years, the biggest companies in Silicon Valley
‎过去十年 硅谷最大的公司
have been in the business of selling their users.
It's a little even trite to say now,
‎现在这样说 有点陈词滥调
but... because we don't pay for the products that we use,
advertisers pay for the products that we use.
Advertisers are the customers.
We're the thing being sold.
The classic saying is:
"If you're not paying for the product, then you are the product."
‎“如果你没有花钱买产品 ‎那你就是被卖的产品”
A lot of people think, you know, " well, Google's just a search box,
and Facebook's just a place to see what my friends are doing
and see their photos."
But what they don't realize is they're competing for your attention.
‎但他们没有意识到的是 ‎他们在竞争你的关注
So, you know, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
‎脸书、阅后即焚图片分享、推特 ‎Instagram、YouTube
companies like this, their business model is to keep people engaged on the screen.
‎这种公司 他们的商业模式 ‎是让人们的注意力持续吸引在屏幕上
Let's figure out how to get as much of this person's attention
‎我们来想办法 怎样尽最大可能
as we possibly can.
How much time can we get you to spend?
How much of your life can we get you to give to us?
‎我们能让你给我们分出 ‎你人生的多少时间?
When you think about how some of these companies work,
‎当你去想 这些公司是怎样运作的
it starts to make sense.
There are all these services on the Internet that we think of as free,
‎网络上有过各种服务 ‎我们都认为是免费的
but they're not free. They're paid for by advertisers.
‎但它们并不是免费的 ‎是广告商在付钱
Why do advertisers pay those companies?
They pay in exchange for showing their ads to us.
‎它们付钱 交换给你展示广告
We're the product. Our attention is the product being sold to advertisers.
‎我们是产品 我们的关注 ‎就是卖给广告商的产品
That's a little too simplistic.
‎这样说 过于简单化了
It's the gradual, slight, imperceptible change
in your own behavior and perception that is the product.
‎逐渐的、一点一点的 ‎我们未察觉到的变化
And that is the product. It's the only possible product.
‎这才是产品 是唯一可能的产品
There's nothing else on the table that could possibly be called the product.
‎这其中 没有任何东西 ‎能再被称为产品了
That's the only thing there is for them to make money from.
Changing what you do,
how you think, who you are.
‎你的思维模式 改变你这个人
It's a gradual change. It's slight.
‎这是一种逐渐的变化 非常轻微
If you can go to somebody and you say, "Give me $10 million,
‎如果你去找一个人 ‎你说:“给我一千万美元
and I will change the world one percent in the direction you want it to change..."
It's the world! That can be incredible, and that's worth a lot of money.
‎是整个世界!这就很神奇 值很多钱
This is what every business has always dreamt of:
to have a guarantee that if it places an ad, it will be successful.
‎就是投放一个广告 ‎有一定能够成功的保证
That's their business. They sell certainty.
‎这就是他们的生意 ‎他们卖的是确定性
In order to be successful in that business,
you have to have great predictions.
Great predictions begin with one imperative:
you need a lot of data.
Many people call this surveillance capitalism,
capitalism profiting off of the infinite tracking
‎资本主义利用大型技术公司 ‎对每个人去的每一个地方
of everywhere everyone goes by large technology companies
whose business model is to make sure
that advertisers are as successful as possible.
This is a new kind of marketplace now.
It's a marketplace that never existed before.
‎这种市场 以前从未出现过
And it's a marketplace that trades exclusively in human futures.
‎这个市场交易的 只有人类期货
Just like there are markets that trade in pork belly futures or oil futures.
‎就像交易五花肉期货 ‎和石油期货的市场
We now have markets that trade in human futures at scale,
‎我们现在有了 ‎交易大范围人类期货的市场
and those markets have produced the trillions of dollars
that have made the Internet companies the richest companies
in the history of humanity.
What I want people to know is that everything they're doing online
‎我想让人们知道的是 ‎他们在网上做的一切
is being watched, is being tracked, is being measured.
‎都被监控着 被追踪着 被评估着
Every single action you take is carefully monitored and recorded.
‎你所做出的每一个行为 ‎都被小心翼翼地监控着、记录着
Exactly what image you stop and look at, for how long you look at it.
‎具体到你停在哪一张图片上看了 ‎你看了多久
yeah, seriously, for how long you look at it.
‎是的 真的 看了多久都记录了
They know when people are lonely.
‎人们孤独的时候 他们知道
They know when people are depressed.
‎人们抑郁的时候 他们知道
They know when people are looking at photos of your ex-romantic partners.
‎人们看前任爱侣的时候 他们知道
They know what you're doing late at night. They know the entire thing.
‎你深夜在做什么 他们知道 ‎他们全都知道
Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert,
or what kind of neuroses you have, what your personality type is like.
‎你的神经哪种类型 ‎你的性格是哪种类型
They have more information about us
than has ever been imagined in human history.
It is unprecedented.
And so, all of this data that we're... that we're just pouring out all the time
‎所有这些我们不经意间 ‎不断流露出的数据
is being fed into these systems that have almost no human supervision
‎都被输入到这些系统中 ‎几乎不用人类看管
and that are making better and better and better and better predictions
about what we're gonna do and... and who we are.
‎预判出我们要做什么 ‎我们是怎样的人
People have the misconception it's our data being sold.
‎很多人有一种误解 认为被卖掉的 ‎是我们的数据
It's not in Facebook's business interest to give up the data.
‎脸书的商业兴趣 ‎肯定不是放掉这些数据
What do they do with that data?
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