智能社会:进退两难 The Social Dilemma 中英双语字幕对照阅读

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Aza does welcoming remarks. We play the video.
‎阿莎愿意接受评论 我们播放视频
And then, "Ladies and gentlemen, Tristan Harris."
‎然后说 “女士们先生们 ‎我是特里斯坦·哈里斯”
-Right. -Great.
‎-好 ‎-很好
So, I come up, and...
‎就是说 我上来 然后…
basically say, "Thank you all for coming."
So, today, I wanna talk about a new agenda for technology.
‎今天 我想聊聊技术的一个新议程
And why we wanna do that is because if you ask people,
‎以及我们为什么要这样做 ‎因为如果你问人们
"What's wrong in the tech industry right now?"
there's a cacophony of grievances and scandals,
and "They stole our data." And there's tech addiction.
‎“他们盗用了我们的数据” ‎还有技术成瘾问题
And there's fake news. And there's polarization
‎有虚假新闻问题 有两极分化问题
and some elections that are getting hacked.
But is there something that is beneath all these problems
‎但是这些问题的背后 ‎是否有一个原因
that's causing all these things to happen at once?
-Does this feel good? -Very good. Yeah.
‎-感觉还行吗? ‎-非常好 好
I'm just trying to... Like, I want people to see...
‎我只是想… 我想让人们看到…
Like, there's a problem happening in the tech industry,
‎在技术产业 正面临着一个问题
and it doesn't have a name,
and it has to do with one source, like, one...
When you look around you, it feels like the world is going crazy.
‎环顾你身边 ‎感觉这个世界在逐渐疯狂
You have to ask yourself, like, "Is this normal?
‎你要问自己 这是正常的吗?
Or have we all fallen under some kind of spell?"
I wish more people could understand how this works
because it shouldn't be something that only the tech industry knows.
‎因为它不应该 ‎只被技术产业的业内知道
It should be something that everybody knows.
-Hello! -Hi.
‎-你好! ‎-嗨!
-Tristan. Nice to meet you. -It's Tris-tan, right?
‎-特里斯坦 幸会 ‎-特里斯坦?
-Yes. -Awesome. Cool.
‎-对 ‎-太好了 好
Tristan Harris is a former design ethicist for Google
‎特里斯坦·哈里斯 ‎是谷歌前设计道德伦理学家
and has been called the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience.
He's asking tech
to bring what he calls "ethical design" to its products.
‎在产品中引进 ‎被他称为“道德伦理设计”的要素
It's rare for a tech insider to be so blunt,
‎搞技术的业内人士 ‎极少如此直言不讳
but Tristan Harris believes someone needs to be.
‎特里斯坦·哈里斯相信 ‎总有人要这样
When I was at Google,
I was on the Gmail team, and I just started getting burnt out
‎我在谷歌邮箱团队 ‎我就开始觉得很疲惫
'cause we'd had so many conversations about...
you know, what the inbox should look like and what color it should be, and...
‎收件箱应该长什么样 ‎应该是什么颜色
And I, you know, felt personally addicted to e-mail,
and I found it fascinating
there was no one at Gmail working on making it less addictive.
‎在谷歌邮箱工作的人 ‎没有一个想把它做得不那么致瘾
And I was like, "Is anybody else thinking about this?
I haven't heard anybody talk about this."
‎我 没听谁谈论过这个问题”
-And I was feeling this frustration...with the tech industry, overall,
that we'd kind of, like, lost our way.
You know, I really struggled to try and figure out
‎我真的很努力地去尝试 想办法
how, from the inside, we could change it.
And that was when I decided to make a presentation,
‎就在这个时候 我决定做一次展示
kind of a call to arms.
Every day, I went home and I worked on it for a couple hours every single night.
‎每天我回到家 每一个晚上 ‎都要花几个小时去做这件事
It basically just said, you know,
never before in history have 50 designers
20- to 35-year-old white guys in California
made decisions that would have an impact on two billion people.
Two billion people will have thoughts that they didn't intend to have
‎20亿人将会拥有 ‎他们从来不曾预料的想法
because a designer at Google said, "This is how notifications work
‎只因为一个谷歌的设计师说 ‎“你每天早上醒来
on that screen that you wake up to in the morning."
And we have a moral responsibility, as Google, for solving this problem.
‎我们作为谷歌 ‎有解决这个问题的道德责任
And I sent this presentation
to about 15, 20 of my closest colleagues at Google,
‎发给了在谷歌 ‎与我关系最近的15到20个同事
and I was very nervous about it. I wasn't sure how it was gonna land.
‎我很紧张 我不知道他们会怎样想
When I went to work the next day,
most of the laptops had the presentation open.
Later that day, there was, like, 400 simultaneous viewers,
‎那天下午 有400个人同时观看
so it just kept growing and growing.
I got e-mails from all around the company.
I mean, people in every department saying,
"I totally agree." "I see this affecting my kids."
‎“我太同意了 ‎我看到这个问题正在影响我的孩子
"I see this affecting the people around me."
"We have to do something about this."
‎我们应该做点什么 来解决这个问题”
It felt like I was sort of launching a revolution or something like that.
‎我感觉自己 ‎好像开启了一场革命之类的
Later, I found out Larry Page had been notified about this presentation
‎后来 我才知道莱利·佩吉 ‎那一天在三个不同会议
-in three separate meetings that day. -
And so, it created this kind of cultural moment
‎于是这个展示 ‎创造了这个文化性的时刻
-that Google needed to take seriously. -
-And then... nothing. -
Everyone in 2006...
‎2006年 所有人…
including all of us at Facebook,
just had total admiration for Google and what Google had built,
‎超级羡慕谷歌 ‎羡慕谷歌所创建的一切
which was this incredibly useful service
that did, far as we could tell, lots of goodness for the world,
‎据我们当时所知 ‎为世界带来了很多好处
and they built this parallel money machine.
We had such envy for that, and it seemed so elegant to us...
‎我们超级羡慕嫉妒谷歌 ‎在我们看来太优雅了…
and so perfect.
Facebook had been around for about two years,
um, and I was hired to come in and figure out
‎我被雇到脸书 去找出
what the business model was gonna be for the company.
I was the director of monetization. The point was, like,
‎我曾是盈利总监 大概意思就是
"You're the person who's gonna figure out how this thing monetizes."
‎“你是要去想出 ‎这个东西怎样盈利的人”
And there were a lot of people who did a lot of the work,
but I was clearly one of the people who was pointing towards...
"Well, we have to make money, A...
‎首先 我们必须要赚钱
and I think this advertising model is probably the most elegant way.
‎我认为这个广告模式 ‎可能是最优雅的方式
- What's this video Mom just sent us?
that's from a talk show, but that's pretty good.
‎一个脱口秀 不过挺不错的
Guy's kind of a genius.
He's talking all about deleting social media, which you gotta do.
‎他在谈论删除社交媒体 ‎你们真应该这样做
I might have to start blocking her e-mails.
I don't even know what she's talking about, man.
‎讲真 我都不知道她在说什么 ‎天啊
She's worse than I am.
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